About Michael Bergum

Michael Mike Bergum Stillwater MN

Michael Bergum is a dedicated volunteer with Urban Homeworks, a faith-based organization who serves the community through establishment of dignified housing through the coordination and mobilization of volunteers. At the same time, Urban Homeworks also commit themselves to developing a group of engaged neighbors in order to promote a healthy neighborhood with the hope and intention of recruiting more volunteers to positively enhance every community.

Michael Bergum’s objective as a volunteer is simply as a servant. It is one of many ways he gives back to his community in Stillwater, Minnesota. Michael voluntarily serves because he believes in making a substantial positive difference in his community and beyond by assisting Urban Homeworks in their housing projects. Volunteering is completely selfless act, and gives Michael Bergum fulfillment and joy from his collaborative efforts. He believes when you volunteer, you help others with your time, treasure and talent, but you also receive great joy and fulfillment in the process.

Volunteers are often pleasantly surprised how much they enjoy their volunteer duties with Urban Homeworks. Through the organization, Michael has been able to strengthen his leadership, communication, and even networking skills through collaboration efforts with other philanthropic-minded professionals in his area.

As the current Branch Manager of Marketplace Home Mortgage in Stillwater, Minnesota, Mr. Bergum has been able to successfully bring many of the skills and experiences from Urban Homeworks to his office, allowing him to be a more effective, successful, and dedicated leader and manager.

Throughout his work with Urban Homeworks, Michael Bergum as become a more compassionate individual with a greater concern for all Americans in their search for safe, affordable, and secure housing. Given all that Michael Bergum has received from his volunteer work with Urban Homeworks, it is clear that he will continue growing with the non-profit organization to help them reach new levels of awareness and success for years to come.

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